Monday, January 13, 2014

The 120 Mile Cookie!

This summer, the kids set a goal to walk 120 miles together. It was a hot summer, and it took a lot of work and dedication, but they did it! We had an awards ceremony to celebrate. I baked and decorated a giant sugar cookie to commemorate their accomplishment.

You can read more about our summer at my other blog: The Cake Runner

After rolling out the dough, I used a salad plate for a template and cut out a large circle. I transferred the circle of dough to a parchment lined baking sheet. Then, I made some fork prints to prevent the cookie from rising too much during baking.

I used my favorite sugar cookie recipe (linked below). I just added a few minutes to the cooking time since the cookie was so large.

Once the cookie had cooled, I was able to flood the entire cookie with a base of white glace icing. I allowed that to dry overnight, then I used tan colored royal icing and a #3 writing tip to create the laurel wreath and the numbers. After that dried for a couple of hours, I used a small brush to "paint" gold luster dust mixed with a little vanilla onto the decorations.

Nice and Shiny!


Stable Sugar Cookies

Glace Icing

Royal Icing

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