Friday, September 21, 2012


I've started to organize the tutorials I've found around the web.
Check 'em out!

BASIC TRAINING   <-------  If you're new to caking, start here!

Collar your Cake Pans
Cover a Cake in Fondant (video)
Royal Icing
Smooth Buttercream
Swiss Meringue Buttercream
Writing with Icing


Collaring a Cake Pan Prevents a lot of Smoke!
Fading Colors
Stacking a Tiered Cake (Prevent Tiers from Sinking into Lower Tiers)

Baby Shower 

Baby Converse Shoes (template)
Baby Cowboy Boots (template)
Baby Shoes (template)
Pregnant Belly Cake (video - part 1)
Pregnant Belly Cake (video - part 2)
Stroller Cake Topper


Swedish Princess Cake

Cake Pops and Cake Bites

Cake Ball Tutorial
Cake Pop Tutorial


Cameo Wedding Cookies
Cookie Dough Flowers
How to "Flood" a Cookie with Icing 
Lace Decoration (video)
"Wet on Wet" Technique (video)

3D Cakes

Airplane Cake
Pillow Cushion Cake
Sloping Road


Butterflies (royal icing)
Fondant Face (video)
Make Modeling Chocolate for Figures


Easy Fondant Roses
Marshmallow Fairy Flowers
Ribbon Roses

Fondant Techniques

"Exploding" Cake
Billowing Fondant
Lace Wedding Cake
Ocean Waves
Origami Cake (using fondant circles)
Plaid Fondant
Pom Poms
REALLY Red Fondant
Ruffled Ombre Cake (video)
Ruffled Rose Tier
Satin Bow (video)
Small Quilted Pattern (using a fluorescent lighting cover for texture)
Smocking and Ribbon Insertions
Striped Bow
Stripes (video - Collette Peters teaches how to make perfectly measured and straight stripes)
True Black Marshmallow Fondant
Wood look on Fondant (video by Elisa Strauss of Confetti Cakes)


Cover a Cake in Ganache
Painting on Ganache
Pouring Ganache


Gelatin Bubbles
Gelatin Gems

Gum Paste

Gum Paste Bow

Icing Techniques

Brush Embroidery (video)
Buttercream Tutorial Videos
Frosting Bullets
Frosting Bullets (video)
Lambeth Method
Royal Icing Transfers (scroll down after clicking link)
Stencil a Cake with Royal Icing by Alan Tetreault (video)
Upside-down Frosting Technique (video)

Packaging Ideas

Cake Pop Packaging
Candy Filled Votive Candle Holder
Cookies in Cute Sandwich Bags
Cute Christmas Paper Bags
CD Sleeve Cookie Packaging
Pink Box from Dollar Store
Take-Out Containers


Cakes Baked in Chinese Takeout Containers
Chalkboard Pedestals (Great for dessert bar labels!)
Checkerboard Cake (Inside Surprise)
Heart Cake (Inside Surprise)
Giant Cupcake Candy Liner
Polka Dot Cake (Inside Surprise)
Slanted Stripes (Inside Surprise)
Wrap a Cake in Chocolate
Zebra Cake (Inside Surprise)

That's a CAKE?! 

Candy Melt Tacos
Cowboy Hat from fondant/gum paste
Pancakes Cake
Purse Cake


Add a Watermark to Your Photos
Chandalier Cupcake Stand
Cupcake Tower
Etched Glass Candle Holders
Glass Cake Stand
Satin Cake Stand 

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