Monday, September 2, 2013

Disaster Avoidance: Fading Colors

Remember when I made this cake with the fun striped bows?

Well, I had some leftover fondant when I made it and decided to experiment and see if I could make a really big bow with a lot of stripes.

First I rolled out a big piece of white fondant. Then I used a pizza cutter to cut long ribbons of colored fondant, which I placed as evenly as I could on top of the white fondant.

Then I got out my rolling pin and flattened/smoothed it all together.

Then, I made a huge bow.

Your eyes are not deceiving you - the colors faded significantly on the left. Can you guess which side was facing a window during storage? Thankfully I made this bow for fun and didn't discover a horrible surprise the morning a cake was due.

Disaster Avoidance:

To preserve the color of your beautiful cakes and decorations, store in a cool, dry room out of direct sunlight.

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