Saturday, April 14, 2012

Happy 100 Months!

My son recently reached his 100th month, and we thought it would be fun to celebrate. Nathaniel and I had a great time decorating this together. He even helped me make the fondant!

Now, I don't know what to call this type of cake. Is it an exploding cake? A bursting cake? I'll go with "exploding." It's kind of hard to explain how I did this, so I'll just share the tutorial I used at the end of this post. After folding back the fondant, I used gel food coloring mixed with a little vanilla extract to paint the red and blue onto the curled fondant.

I used florist wire to hold up the red and blue balls (which were made of fondant and modeling chocolate). It's not a good idea, health wise, to put metal wire directly into a cake. So, I used straws to keep the wires from touching the actual cake we would be eating. Some people dip the wires into melted chocolate, allow the chocolate to dry, and then insert them into a cake.

I used Wilton gold luster dust mixed with vanilla extract to get the gold color.

Making the checkerboard surprise on the inside was fun!


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