Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Christian and Amber's Wedding

I made these cookies for my brother's wedding reception. I loved being able to make the cookies for my brother and his new wife. Congratulations, Christian and Amber!

They decided on green as their wedding color, with just a touch of purple. They asked for rectangular monogrammed cookies and brush embroidered cookies.

My sister Melanni used her amazing photography skills to take this beautiful picture of the cookies at the reception.

On to my "point and shoot" pictures.

"A" is for Amber!

"C" is for Christian!

Lots of cookies!

These sugar cookies were first covered with green glacé icing. After the glacé icing dried, I used royal icing to pipe the monograms and the other decorations.

I used dark brown royal icing for the monogram and brushed it with gold luster dust mixed with a little water to get the shiny bronze look. The cookie on the left has been brushed with the luster dust and the one on the right has not. I really like the difference the luster dust makes.

For the brush embroidered cookies, I used green fondant for the base and white royal icing for the flowers. Click on the link below (in the STATS section) to watch a video on brush embroidery.


Brush Embroidery Video

Rhonda's Ultimate Marshmallow Fondant

Glacé Icing

Mix the following ingredients together:
1 cup confectioner's sugar : 1 Tbsp. light corn syrup : 1 Tbsp. milk

Adjust amount of milk to achieve desired consistency in icing. I usually end up adding 3 or 4 extra Tbsp. of milk to get a thinner flooding consistency.


  1. Your cakes just amaze me! You are SO Talented! I have to tell you, my mother-in-law, Mel, brought one of these cookies back from the reception and we all just stared at it... We just couldn't bring ourselves to eat it, it was just so pretty!! I think Ben broke the ice and took a bite... lol... then we all got a yummy taste.

  2. LOL! Thanks, Cat! I'm glad you guys eventually ate it. :o) Thanks for sharing that story.