Thursday, July 21, 2011

Happy Birthday, Hannah!

For Hannah's cake this year, I first cut out a bunch of small flowers from fondant. Then, I attached sugar pearls to their centers using royal icing.

Hannah said she wanted brownies in her cake. So I stacked the cake using a brownie layer, a cake layer, brownie and cake. I spread a little buttercream between each layer. I've never used brownies in a cake before, but we all really liked it! I covered the cake with white fondant and piped the border using buttercream. I attached the flowers to the cake with royal icing.

I bought a Tinkerbell toy for Hannah's birthday and decided to use it on the cake. We could use it as a decoration, and then she could play with it later. The only problem was that Tinkerbell's tiny feet wouldn't hold her up. Even after building up a little mound of fondant around her legs, she wouldn't stay up. So, I tried "gluing" her in using royal icing. The icing was taking a long time to dry, and it was getting late. I propped her up against a corn starch container and hoped the icing would dry over night and Tinkerbell would stay up. Luckily, it worked.

In the morning, I just added a few more leaves and flowers to the mound, and attached the decoration to the cake with royal icing. Voila!


Royal Icing

Betty Crocker Buttercream

Rhonda's Ultimate Marshmallow Fondant

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