Sunday, September 19, 2010

Daisies and Ladybugs + Caking with Kids

My six-year-old son loves to cook and help in the kitchen. He designed this really cool pirate cupcake. It has blue water, black sand, and he even added toothpicks for posts to hold up a hammock for a pirate. He has such a good imagination and creative ideas! He was disappointed that I couldn't think of anything we had on hand for the net, but he was still happy with his cupcake and he shared it with me. What a great chef!

We worked on our cakes together in the kitchen. Mine was just a quick cake for a friend.


Box Mix of Lemon Cake
Buttercream Frosting (green background and flowers)
Glace Icing (ladybugs)


  1. Cute cake! I like the pirate cupcake, too. I always check your blog to see what delicious and creative creations you've come up with at your house, it's so fun!

  2. What and adorable and awesome soon! And of course, the cake looks adorable as well! Hooray for both of you!