Saturday, September 25, 2010

Luggage Cake

*** UPDATE: He's going to México! ***

Time to knead some sugar into homemade fondant. This gets really messy, but it's fun!

I baked two 9x13 yellow cakes and placed them next to each other before frosting them with chocolate chip cookie dough frosting. Yum!

I covered the cake in 3 sections of fondant (instead of one big piece like I normally would). I layed the sections down slightly overlapping each other to create the raised seams.

I used a toothpick to poke little holes in the fondant for the stitching. Yes, it was tedious and I'm sure there is a faster way or better tool to use, but it worked.

I printed out my brother's initials in a font I liked. Then I taped plastic wrap over that and piped over the letters using royal icing. I let the icing dry and then painted it with gold luster dust. Once it dried again, I peeled the plastic wrap off and used the royal icing letters for the monogram.

I printed off images of a passport, name tag, and flags at home and used the printout to order a frosting sheet printed with edible ink from a bakery. I cut the images out of the frosting sheet and attached them to fondant with white piping gel.

Everything you see is edible. Ta-dah!

I can't wait to find out where my brother is going on his mission!


Rhonda's Ultimate Marshmallow Fondant

Rhonda's Ultimate Chocolate Marshmallow Fondant:

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Frosting:

Royal Icing:


  1. I love this one! It seems like such a shame to eat it! And I can't wait to hear where his call is too!

  2. Hi Ariana!!

    This is gorgeous. I agree that it's too cute to eat - maybe you can frame it : )

    Hope you're doing well!


  3. Thanks, guys! This one was really fun to make!

    We're still waiting to hear where he is going...