Monday, August 3, 2009

Playing with Leftover Fondant

I had some leftover fondant from the cake and decided to experiment with making little figures out of it. I think the pigs turned out really cute. The rose is kind of chunky looking, but it's not too bad. Peggy Weaver suggests adding food coloring when you're first mixing up the fondant, instead of trying to add it later because it's hard to get an even coloring throughout the "dough." That makes sense for large pieces that would cover the whole cake. But, I added just a drop of pink to a small piece of fondant, and it didn't take long to get a consistent color.

The top design was fun to make. I laid a thin sheet of pink fondant on the bottom, then wove very thin strips (1/16" wide) on top. I then used a cup to cut the fondant into a circle. I think this would be a cute cupcake topper. You could make cherry filled cupcakes, then make the topper using red on the bottom and a good pie crust color for the lattice top. Then add some tiny red cherries molded out of fondant and a braided border to look like a cherry pie. I think those would be some cute cupcakes! I'll try that later.

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