Sunday, December 11, 2011

Baby Shower Cake

My friend Lesley hosted a baby shower recently and asked me to make the cake. The colors and theme for this cake were so fun, and I loved every minute of creating it!

I used chocolate fondant to cover the cake.

All of the decorations are made from homemade fondant.

Here's a closeup of the bear. I think making the blanket was my favorite part!

I wish I had a photo of the inside of the cake - it's a zebra cake. A zebra cake is made by separating your cake batter into two bowls. Then, you color only half the batter with chocolate. Then, you alternate the brown and white batter when you put it in the pan before baking. When it's sliced, you'll see a zebra stripe pattern. Here's a link to the zebra cake recipe I used:


Rhonda's Ultimate Chocolate Marshmallow Fondant

Rhonda's Ultimate Marshmallow Fondant

Zebra Cake

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