Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sweet Sites

Cake Inspiration

A Cake to Remember
Aine2's How To's
Cake Fixation
Cake Journal Tutorials
Diana's Desserts
Dreme Cake Artistry
Happy Cakes Bakes
How To Cakes by Natalia
Keep on Caking
Nevie Pie Cakes (hand painted)
Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes (Beautiful Buttercream!)
Satin Ice Tutorials
Serious Cakes (Amazing Buttercream Work!)
Sugar Art Tutorials by Tami Utley
Sugar Ruffles

Cake Pop Inspiration
365 Cake Pops

Cookie Inspiration

A Dozen Eggs
Adorned Cookie
Amy Atlas Designs
Cookie Crazie
Karen's Cookies
My Little Bakery (Intricate Cookies)
Sweet Ambs
Sweet Sugar Belle
University of Cookie

Cool Cake Biz

Baked by Melissa (Fun Cupcake Customizer!)

Caking Supplies

BRP Box Shop (Cake and Cupcake Boxes)
Dallas Foam (Cake Dummies)
L'Epicerie (A Carma Massa Ticino supplier)


  1. Do you make missionary shirt cakes with the nametag?

    1. I have made them in the past, Here are links to some I have made:

      Thank you for leaving a comment!